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Documentation Checklist

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        ❑        Has the document been accepted at a Quality Review?
        ❑        Are there any outstanding amendments to be made to the Document?
        ❑        Has the document the appropriate Security Classification?
        ❑        Is the document Controlled?
        (a)        Is there a document owner
        (b)        Is there a contact for feedback or change requests?
        ❑        Is there version control?
        ❑        Has the most appropriate Corporate Template been used?
        ❑        If the system changes, will the documentation get changed too?
        ❑        If an antecedent (preceding) document changes, will those changes be reflected in this document?
        ❑        Is it clear where the document fits into the Project or Area ‘plan’?
        ❑        Has the document been distributed properly?
        ❑        Must the document stand alone?
        (a)        Would the document stand alone?
        (b)        Is there a knowledge base available to support it?
        ❑        Are there any spelling mistakes? (allow for intentional puns)
        ❑        Are there grammatical errors?
        ❑        Is negative logic avoided where-ever possible?
        ❑        Is the purpose of the document stated/clear/agreed?
        ❑        Are the contents of the document adequate for the purpose?
        ❑        Is the technical level appropriate to the document?
        ❑        Is there an abstract or management summary – if appropriate?
        ❑        Has the documents scope been clearly stated?
        ❑        Is the document free of jargon?
        (a)        Is necessary jargon defined?
        ❑        Have all terms, acronyms been defined?
        (a)        Is terminology clear
        (b)        Are all acronyms defined when first used?
        (c)        Are all acronyms defined in a Definitions section?
        (d)        Are all definitions clear, unambiguous and correct?
        (e)        Is the terminology clear and consistent throughout?
        (f)        Does the terminology conform to standards?
        ❑        Has the reference and/or bibliography section been completed?
        (a)        If there is a unique source of information, has it been stated?
        (b)        Are the references adequate to locate the publication or source of information?
        (c)        Are there annotations to help the reader identify the appropriate source?        
Coverage of Topics
        ❑        Are all essential topics present?
        ❑        Have any irrelevant topics been kept out?
        ❑        All appropriate topics may be present, But are they complete?
        (a)        Has all necessary detail been included?
        (b)        Have all assumptions been stated?
        (c)        Are all facts presented?
        (d)        Have all unknowns been stated?

        ❑        Are there errors of fact?
        ❑        Is the document internally consistent?
(There are no internal contradictions.)
        ❑        Is the document consistent will all antecedent material?

        ❑        Is there evidence, or references, adequate to support any contentions?
        ❑        Is the evidence realistic?
        ❑        Does the presentation sound authoritative?
        (Were you convinced)

        ❑        Is the writing style clear?
        ❑        Do paragraphs express only connected ideas and no more?
        ❑        Are larger logical units broken down by subheadings?
        ❑        Is the fog index appropriate for the intended audience?
        ❑        Will the document be easy for the intended audience to understand?
        ❑        Does the document keep you interested?

Clarity of Examples
        ❑        Are examples used where necessary?
        ❑        Are the examples relevant where used?
        ❑        Do they contribute to understanding?
        ❑        Examples used are clear and unambiguous?
        ❑        Examples used are NOT misleading?
        ❑        Examples used are correct?
        ❑        Examples used are as effective as they could be?
        ❑        Examples used do not create any Security/Confidentiality concerns?

Clarity of diagrams, pictures or other graphic materials
        ❑        Are diagram, pictures or other graphical materials used where necessary?
        ❑        Are diagram, pictures or other graphical materials relevant where used?
        ❑        Do they contribute to understanding?
        ❑        Are they clearly rendered?
        ❑        The diagrams used are correct?
        ❑        The diagrams used are as effective as they could be?
        ❑        The diagrams contain an appropriate amount of information?
        ❑        The diagrams used do NOT create any Security or Confidentiality concerns?

Reference Aids
        ❑        Is there a table of contents?
        ❑        Is it correct?
        ❑        Is there an index? (If not, should there be)
If there is an index
        ❑        Are page references accurate?
        ❑        Are the entries the kinds of thing the readers will be seeking?
        ❑        Are the entries under the correct titles?
        ❑        Are there alternate titles for entries that might be accessed using different terminology?
        ❑        Are the major and minor references for the same terms distinguished?
        ❑        Are terms broken down adequately?

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